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Time to Make a Plan of Action

Time to make a plan of action for your business marketing needs

In the business climate, when a lot of factors have been out of our control, it’s now time to grab the moment, get back in the driving seat, and make a comprehensive marketing plan to steer your business in the right direction.

In order to generate the financial results you want to achieve, a comprehensive marketing plan is a vital tool. This will focus energies of the wider team and individuals to identify the activity needed to achieve your objectives. The plan of action and goals you put in place will look at activity on a month-by-month basis to work out what’s needed and when.

Are they listening?

It is key to firstly analyse your current marketing position, this may involve looking at lots of different factors both internal and external. For instance, analysis of data, comparing yourself to your competition, the methods of communications you are currently using and their effectiveness – Are your target customers listening to you? Can your target customers see you?

It is vital not to skimp and rush this stage and underestimate the value of research that is both relevant and displays evidence of your current business performance. The more time is invested in this initial stage, the better equipped you are to make successful marketing decisions.

Sending out the right message

With all the data collated and at your fingertips, it is now time to get planning what to do next. The tasks you’ve identified will be broken down into smaller tasks which will be turned into your marketing strategy.

Before you start driving customers to the business, first it is important to check that all of your company literature, the website, branding and your social media accounts are portraying the right message and are in synergy complementing each other and reinforcing your brand messages – these are known as ‘customer touch points’.

Once you have reviewed all your marketing assets, it is time to look at your audience. This could be a current audience or a new audience you hope to reach and communicate with. Once the audience has been identified, it is vital to discover what it is that makes the audience react, engage with you and what triggers them to make a purchase of a product or service.

Creative Content

Now it’s time to get creative with your marketing campaign and highlight the best method of communication to talk to your potential and existing customers. This could be an advertising or social media campaign, a pay-per-click advertising via Google, website development or lead generation – or indeed a combination of these to find the best mix. It’s time to look outside the box, generate new ideas and potentially take measured risks to disrupt the marketplace and really get noticed.

Review and react

Once a campaign has been implemented it is important to evaluate the results it achieved and work out if the investment was worth it. For instance, you could spend £500 on a Google advertising campaign and achieve a sales order for £1000 as a result which would represent a great return on the marketing investment. This is all about looking at the opportunities an activity generated and the effectiveness, it could be evident that, for example, it was a great campaign but just executed at the wrong time.

Come and have a chat!

Make an appointment with ADD Marketing to help you get started with your marketing plan to ensure that this year you are back in control and investing in robust marketing campaigns that are hitting the right people at the right time. Working with a fresh pair of eyes will really drive your business objectives forward to ultimately increase your sales revenue and raise your profile in the marketplace.


Coming soon are workshops and mini guides to provide further information on specific focus areas from planning the best social media strategy to branding and SEO.